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We are committed to public safety and privacy

The mission of REDACTCO is to enhance the safety, privacy and security of all data subjects.  REDACTCO accomplishes its mission through the delivery of comprehensive and integrated safety and security protocols, in partnership with Federal and State privacy laws and regulations.

The consultants and technicians of REDACTCO reflect the diversity of our global community. We pledge to deliver professional and confidential services that value and respect the rights and differences of all members of communities that we all proudly serve.

We are committed to the professional and personal development of all REDACTCO team members, and in turn we expect all of our employees to be models of excellence. Ultimately, we strive each and every day to earn the trust, confidence, and respect of our community.

Meet The Team


Joseph Manriquez

Privacy Enthusiast

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Lisa Grey

Privacy Enthusiast

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Bill Gentry

Law Enforcement

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