Forensic image, audio and video watermarking services.


Digital Image Watermarking 

embedded text or logos over a digital image. This watermark graphic or text indicates ownership or copyright of the image. It makes it difficult for someone to use the image without permission or claim ownership of the original.

Digital Audio Watermarking 

Digital audio watermarking involves the concealment of data within a discrete audio file.  It allows a secret message to be hidden in a computer file, without the detection of the user.  The watermark is not apparent to the user, and does not affect in any way, the use of the original file.  Watermark information is predominantly used to identify the creator of a audio file.  

Digital Video Watermarking

a visible embedded overlay on a video consisting of text, a logo, or a video copyright disclaimer.  The purpose of a watermark is to identify the work and discourage its unauthorized use. Though a video copyright disclaimer can’t prevent unauthorized use, it makes it more difficult for those who may want to claim someone else’s video as their own.