Press Release: REDACTCO LLC Named 2021 Best in Digital Evidence Services by Back the Blue Media

Los Angeles - June 21, 2021 - Redactco LLC has been named 2021 Best in Digital Evidence Services by Back the Blue Media.

Redactco LLC, founded in 2020, is the leading provider of intelligent audio, image and video search, discovery, and protection utilizing artificial intelligence to automate the review, security and privacy of confidential information.

Redactco prides itself on not being a software company. "We are not a software but a services company" says founder Joe Manriquez. "We love being software agnostic and having the ability to partner with the best products on the market" he continues.

"We are fortunate to have partnered with many key players in the industry to be competitive and provide our clients with the best tools and pricing for their projects."

Today, law enforcement agencies are reaching out to Redactco for their professional Digital Evidence Technicians. Redactco's technicians assist agencies with requests such as: removing sensitive information from body-cam footage, foreign language redaction, evidence analytics and video analysis.

"Our clients love that our technicians our retired law-enforcement personnel" says Lisa Grey, an evidence consultant with Redactco. "We love hiring retired law-enforcement officials due to their work ethic and field experience. Our technicians are well-trained and pledge to commit to the communities' safety and privacy.

To learn more about REDACTCO LLC visit their website at or contact

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